If you want to import an item from Turkey, we would be appreciated to help you in every step of this process. The procedure for import trade differs from country to country depending upon the import policy, statutory requirements and customs policies of different countries. We are able to manage client requirements and governmental regulations.

When you import goods as part of your business, there are additional considerations:

  • Market research
  • Supplier reliability
  • Financial Plans and Cash Flow Projections
  • Service providers (Shipping and custom clearance)

TurkAfrik provides the following services as importing steps;

Sourcing – in terms of providing the requested items from Turkey in good quality and at best price
Organising – in terms of organizing the combined shipments in the same containers from different manufacturers
Inspecting – in terms of providing the quality control of your delivery
Documenting – in terms of providing the all needed documents for the import process from Turkey
Custom Clearance – in terms of providing the service of custom clearance issue in order to import from Turkey
Shipping – in terms of providing you the service of shipping at best price and at shortest transit time

TurkAfrik deals with any kind of needs on the behalf of its clients in terms of importing from Turkey.



If you want to export your goods to Turkey we would be appreciated to help you in every step of this process.

  1. Evaluating Export Potential

Before committing resources to exporting, you should assess your exporting potential.

Assess the suitability of your goods and services for export

Analyse the benefits exporting could bring

Identify the possible pitfalls of exporting

Identify the resources you will need for trading abroad

  1. Researching the Turkish Market

Identify your target markets

Explore your market

  1. Market Strategy

Consider how you will market your product or service overseas

  1. Payment Guarantee

Minimise foreign currency risks

Explore ways of extending credit

Factoring can help you collect debts if you sell direct to customers

  1. Legal Obligations

Complete relevant paperwork to ensure exporting goes smoothly

Comply with Value Added Tax (VAT) rules

  1. Entrance to the Turkish Market

Identify the most suitable mode of transport for your goods

Freight forwarders can transport goods

Ensure your transport packaging and labelling conforms to international requirements

Define responsibility for your products with your freight forwarder

Purchase cargo insurance to cover damage to goods or late or non-delivery


Classification of Goods

Due to correct classification of goods in customs, you save money and avoid penalties. The wrong product classification can cost a company thousands of dollars in penalties. We will determine the optimal classification for your goods, allowing you to meet both the letter of the law and the needs of your business. There are over 17,000 unique ten-digit HTS classification code numbers.

We know how to find the right one for you to accelerate your imports and exports.

An export plan should outline:

  • projected costs and revenues
  • export pricing strategy
  • legal requirements
  • transportation methods
  • foreign investment capabilities
  • dates for the completion of key tasks.


Supply Chain Management

We take the responsibility of overseas projects in terms of their supply chain management. TurkAfrik provides the service of supplying all needs of projects built on abroad such as construction materials, furniture, hotel equipment etc.

TurkAfrik has a wide range of sourcing ability to offer you the correct manufacturers and good price with high quality products.

If you need any further information about all the services above please make contact with us. We would be appreciated to help you at any time.



Our team is ready to organize your all-partial shipments into one shipment. We collect partial shipments and make a complete combined container or truck from different suppliers.