About Us

About Us

TurkAfrik Consulting is an international business consultancy firm, which has offices in South Africa and Turkey. which facilitates us in serving our clients most adequately to their needs.

We divided our business into two core areas, namely Investment Opportunities and Business Abroad.    

We offer a portfolio of real estate investments in Turkey. Our portfolio includes a variety of Residence Projects, Hotels, Luxury Homes and Land Investments… Furthermore, we forward clients to businesses, which look for investors to either expand their business or sell their shares. Likewise, we service clients who are interested in Citizenship by Investment opportunities in Turkey., we advise in finding the right investment and help to gain citizen ship or resident permit in turkey

On the other hand, while expanding abroad we provide our clients business set up services to help them start with the most suitable company structure. On top of that we offer our Turkish clients how to take advantage of Government Incentives, which include receiving up to 50% of their company expenditures back from the Turkish Government in the scope of “Turquality”. Additionally, we conduct Market Research for clients who are looking for the right solution partner or producer of a certain product.


Vision, Mission & Values


TurkAfrik Consulting wants to expand its professional network and knowledge  in order to be in the position to provide its clients with the most suitable, profitable and effective business solutions.

We prioritize to have local professional partners across Turkey, with the aim to prevent surprises and unforeseen circumstances.


TurkAfrik Consulting will open new doors for you as a private investors or as a business. This may be by engaging our Investment Opportunities or Business Abroad Services. Either way, with our widening professional network, our local advice will be specifically tailored to your needs.


At TurkAfrik Consulting our clients’ interest always comes first. We are determined to provide professional quality of work and dedicate ourselves to provide superior advice to our clients. Our business principle is based on mutual trust, transparency and reliability, which is reflected in the way we carry out our services. .